Mini Amsterdam (Amstel)

Hoe houd ik mijn MINI in topconditie.
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18 sep 2017, 16:32


Anyone knows the hourly rate for Mini Amsterdam by any chance?
I'm leaving the car there for A/C maintenance and replace the Serpentine pulley (belt). The engine light was on for a couple of days, that is now off (might by humidity) but they might need to check this also.
Wanna to prepare for the shock.

I normally leave the car in Baarn ( but they closed business, so Mini Amsterdam it is...until I find a trustworthy garage again. Or sell it. :mrgreen:

Thanks in advance!

Mini R53
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18 sep 2017, 19:30

Expect over or near 100 euro price mark cuz its a dealer ship of course

Which area are you from? Im located near Amsterdam and I work at universal car garage
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19 sep 2017, 22:57

I had in mind €95 excl tax (21%)....
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20 sep 2017, 23:01


maybe is an alternative. A lot of members bring there Mini for maintenance to GoGarage37 in Lisse, about 40km's south-west from Amsterdam:
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